T-money is a pre-paid card used for public transportation in Seoul. It can be used for both buses and subways.

How to use

Place the T-money card to the card-reader. The display will tell you how much has been deducted from your card and your current balance.

By using a T-money card, you will enjoy greater discount benefits than with cash.

How to buy/recharge/refund

The card itself costs 2,500 KRW, and afterwards one can "recharge" the card when necessary (The card has initially no money).

T-money can be recharged in subway stations, either automatically or by the person working behind the counter. Other places to buy/recharge/refund it include many sidewalk newspaper vendors, convenience stores (GS25), and other places where the T-money sign is shown.

When departing Seoul, you can get a refund for any remaining amount on the card at a T-money card vendor.