(A typesetting language for describing programming language syntax)

by Jaegyoon Hahm
Computer Science
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
February 2002

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The LaTeX is a very popular document typesetting system Its power of expression is so rich that one can write a high-quality document whatever he wants. Especially, the LaTeX is useful when the document contains much of mathematical formulae. Due to the ability of mathematical expressions, the LaTeX is frequently used in the programming language research groups.
The LanTeX which is based on the LaTeX, was designed to give a method for writing a document which describes a programming language syntax and semantics.

The LanTeX system works like a kind of environment in the LaTeX. The codes written in the LanTeX style will be translated to the LaTeX code by the LanTeX translator. (This translator is the program that you have to download.) And then, you can get a .dvi file by compiling the result of translation(.tex file).

The LanTeX translator is written in nML.


The input file must have extension .l. You can translate the source LanTeX file to the LaTeX file by just typing "lantex filename.l" in the command line.
Now, you can get a .dvi file by typing "latex filename.tex".


Sun Solaris 5.7




If you have any question about the program or find any bug while you use, don't hesitate to email me.