C parser
(C parser written in nML)

Sunae Seo
Computer Science
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

This program is based on ckit

This package contains a parser for C programming language implemented in nlex, nyacc and nmlc. The executable of this package gets C source code (after preprocessing: this parser ignores lines starting "#") and produces parse tree represented as a set of nML data types. It is based on ckit, C front end written in SML. In ckit, they implemented type checker, and using the type information, ckit produces abstract syntax tree of the C source code. But we didn't implement type checker and abstract syntax tree generation part. So, in our implementation, the result of program execution is a parse tree of C source code, which is simpler and has less information than abstract syntax tree.

After unpacking the source, you can see source code files and README file. In the code files, there are parser related rule files(lexer.nl, parser.ny), parse tree definition file(parseTree.n), files for printing and so on. Detailed information of all files is in README file. There are two kinds of printing options.

By typing "make", you can obtain executable file, whose name is "c_parser".



Sunae Seo
Last modified:Thu Oct 25 2001