Speaker:Luddy Harrison
Time:1999-06-22 14:00:001999-06-23 14:00:00
Place:Rm.1414, CS/KAIST, Rm.3207, Industrial Management Bldg./KAIST


1. The design of an optimizing compiler for signal processing

Connected Components Corporation (CCC) has developed an optimizing compiler that targets modern, high-performance signal processors. The compiler makes extensive use of abstract interpretation, and performs extensive program restructuring and transformation. In this talk I will present an overview of the design of the compiler, including its intermediate form and examples of the optimizations it performs. I will conclude with some performance data that compares the results produced by our compiler with hand-coded signal processing kernels.

2.Domains for optimization of C and C++

In this talk I will describe a number of domains which are useful in analyzing C and C++ programs, with the goal of building an optimizing compiler. The domains are used to represent the values of variables and expressions, and are in particular designed to overcome the difficulties posed by pointer arithmetic, pointer aliasing, and the lack of a strong typing system.

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