Speaker:Olivier Danvy
Time:1999-11-19 14:00:00
Place:Rm.1403, CS Bldg./KAIST


An Illustration of Partial Evaluation through the Euclidean Algorithm

Partial evaluation is a program-specialization technique. The goal of this talk is to apply this technique to the well-known Euclidean algorithm (ie, the one to compute gcd), an application that proves to be somewhat challenging.

[This talk corresponds to my lecture notes at Marktoberdorf'99.]

Issues behind a research paper

Writing papers is part of research in computer science: it is the standard mean for reporting scientific results. The goal of this talk is to review how to write a paper and put it where it belongs, ranging from a recycling bin to a library bookshelf.

[This talk was devised for the 1999 retreat of the BRICS PhD School. It is targeted towards PhD students.]


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