Jaeho Shin | 신재호 | 申在鎬

Former Research Associate

Master's Alum
Programming Research Laboratory
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Seoul National University

I moved to Stanford University in 2011 Fall. Please see my new homepage for the latest information.

Areas of Interest

I am interested in making our software more reliable and efficient. Static Program Analysis & Verification for detecting errors and verifying semantic properties efficiently was my main focus of research. I also enjoy studying Functional Programming and works on Programming Languages. Ultimately, I would like to make programming simple and natural enough, so that everyone can leverage the power of machines in their daily lives and have fun.

Other random topics that interest me are: XML, Web, Mobile App Programming, Information Visualization, Applying Unix philosophy, Decentralization.

Research Activities

  • Jul 2010 ~ Apr 2011: Yoyak, an Abstract Debugger for C.
  • Aug 2005 ~ Feb 2006: Airac5: Redesign of Airac. [ web pages ]
  • Jun 2005 ~ Jan 2006: Detecting memory leaks in C programs. Supported by Samsung Electronics.
  • Nov 2004 ~ Feb 2005: Analysis of string values in C programs. Supported by ITplus. [ analysis / diagram / implementation ]
  • Aug 2004 ~ Jan 2005: Airac: Array Index Range Analyzer for C. Supported by Samsung Electronics. [ web pages ]
  • Aug 2004 ~ Oct 2004: Extracting links from web programs. Supported by ITplus. [ memo ]

Note: Some documents are available only to our members. I might be able to make some of them available to you upon request.




Professional Experience


I have excellent skills in programming and operating computing machineries. I have a great understanding of computer science and fairly strong mathematical backgrounds. Kwang is my academic advisor.