NOpenGL - OpenGL API for nML

Ahn Ki-yung
Dept. of Computer Science
KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)


OpenGL API for nML mapped from C API of GL 1.1 (win32) and GLUT 3.7 using OCaml C interface.

Version 0.11 alpha





Click on the images.
The images on the left are linked to the nML source code and
the images on the right are linked to the win32 executables binaries.
See nML source codes and run win32 binary executables using NOpenGL !
(OPENGL32.DLL and glut32.dll must be in your windows system directory)

Supported Platform

win32: nML 0.92b, Visual C++ 6 (recently tested under Windows XP)
linux: nML 0.92b, gcc 3.x (recently tested under debian sarge)


If you happen to test NOpenGL using the remote linux box through VNC, ordinary Xvnc will not run OpenGL programs since it does not support GLX. There is a patch of Xvnc to enable GLX over VNC.