nML Programming Language System

(C) 1999-2004 ROPAS (Research On Program Analysis System)
National Creative Research Initiatives Center

nML is a higher-order and typed programming language, and a dialect / harmony of Standard ML and Objective Caml. The nML compiler system drives the static analysis technologies to the limit, and it will embody the results of the LET project.

More About What and Why (in Korean)

What's New

  • 2004/4/19. nML 0.92b available.
  • 2002/3. nML 0.92a available.
  • 2002/1. nML 0.92 available.

Downloading the nML Compiler System

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Question & Bug Report

  • Web BBS
  • Mailling list
    • Mail to n@ropas.snu.ac.kr which is an nML mailing-list.
    • In order to join the nML mailing-list, send a message containing 'subscribe' in body to n-request@ropas.snu.ac.kr. You will receive a confirmation mail then just can follow instructions in that mail.

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Compiler Developers

Standard ML / OCaml
Research On Program Analysis System, SNU/KAIST