Reaching us

From Incheon International Airport (airport code ICN)

Limousine bus (No.603) between ICN and SNU main gate. This might be the best bet. (~ 80 minutes)

Bus No.603

By Subway

From Seoul downtown to SNU, the best way is to use the subway/metro. (Seoul Urban Rail)

Facilities nearby

Hoam Faculty House

You can visit Hoam Faculty House directly, following this instruction.

Foreign Faculty Apartment

Take bus 02 to go to the Foreign Faculty Apartment from building 302.

Visa information for colleagues from abroad

Short-term Visitors: tourists visa

This category is for those who will visit us for a couple of days or weeks, without monthly salary.

No specific type of visa is necessary: just a 90-day tourist visa is enough. We will provide a letter of invitation if necessary. Prospective visitors must contact local Korean consular offices to get the tourist visa.

Short-term (< 90 days) Employee: C4 visa

This category is for those who will stay with us for one-up-to-three months with monthly salary.

Prospective employees must contact local Korean consular offices to get the C4 visa. The necessary documents are:

  1. a contract/invitation letter
  2. an employment recommendation letter from SNU
  3. C4 application form
  4. and your color photo, and passport.

We will provide the first two letters.

Long-term (>= 90 days) Employee: E1 or E3 visa

Long-term prospective employees need to obtain E1 or E3 visa, which are reserved for teachers (E1) and researchers (E3). Because we first has to petiton the Taejon (or Seoul) Immigration Office, you have to send us the following documents for the necessary paperwork:

  1. Photocopy of passport
  2. Photocopy of diploma
  3. A letter from the current institution stating your affiliation or employment
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Signed employment agreement with ROPAS/SNU.

If you are accompanied by your family, you have to send us the following additional items:

  1. Photocopy of each family member's passport
  2. Marriage certificate and, for children, birth certificates

On receiving the above set of documents, we will petition the Seoul Immigration Office for the E1/E3 status. When we receive the approval notice, we will immediately let you know via email or fax and will send you the original document of the approval notice.

Upon receiving the approval notice, you have to file an E1/E3-visa application with local Korean embassy or consular office. The approval notice must be then submitted along with other documents that the consular office requires. It will take a few days for the visa issuance.

Please note that all E1/E3 visa holders are required by law to complete the foreigner registration process within 90 days of entering Korea.

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