Program Organizer: Wontae Choi
Time: 2009-01-17
Place: Room 519, Bldg 302, SNU


In objective-oriented programming languagesvirtual, a virtual function function call(or dynamic dispatch) is major resource of inaccurate control flow. The class anlysis is technique which allow us to calculate runtime type information without executing program. Inaccurate control flow information could be fixed by precalculated runtime type information. Question is, among many dozen of proposed class analysis algorithms, which one is suitable for given problem instance?

In this survey, volunteer will present brief historical overview and introduce some papers about class analysis


Session1 : 10:00~11:00

Introduction and Historical Overview
Wontae Choi [slidee]

Session2 : 11:15~13:00

Scalable Propagation-based Call Graph Construction Algorithm
Gaeul Jung [slide]
Interprocedural Class Analysis
Yunsuk Ko [slide]
Refinement-Based Context-Sensitive Points-to Analysisa
Soonho Kong [slide]
Merging Equivalent Contexts
Hakjoo Oh [slide]


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